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MELT incorporates a variety of direct and indirect patent-pending techniques that each fall under one of the 4 R’s of MELT: Reconnect, Rebalance,  Rehydrate, and Release.

Reconnect: To create global, lasting changes in your body, you have to assess your body’s current state before and after doing any technique. This is the cornerstone of MELT: self-assess, MELT, then reassess. The Reconnect techniques quiet the nervous system to destress the body and heighten your body sense and mind-body connection.  Taking a moment to self-assess your imbalances allows you to identify which areas need your attention and to sense improvements and whole-body changes.



Rebalance: These techniques focus on the diaphragm, the NeuroCore, and the autonomic nervous system. Specific MELT Rebalance techniques contact and expand the diaphragm’s three-dimensional range of movement, which is essential to preventing or reducing any type of body pain and maintaining optimal organ function.

Other techniques Rebalance the NeuroCore system, which provides whole-body balance, gut support, and spinal stability. Imbalance in this system is a common cause of back pain, gut issues, lower-belly paunch, and more. Traditional core exercises do not address – and often inhibit or impair – this neurological core system. MELT Rebalance techniques return the NeuroCore to optimal function and balance.

Rebalance techniques destress the body’s Autopilot – the aspects of your autonomic nervous system that provide stability outside of your conscious control. Reset your Autopilot to save energy rather than working inefficiently and exhausting precious internal energy resources. Go green in your own body!

Rehydrate: MELT rejuvenates connective tissue hydration and relieves trapped tension in our bodies. Deydration causes body pain, joint ache, toxicity, poor posture, wrinkles, cellulite, muscle misuse, and loads of stress on our mind and body. Aging, exercise, and repetitive activity at work and home all cause connective tissue dehydration. The specialized techniques of MELT stimulate the receivers in the connective tissue to keep your entire body responsive, hydrated, and ready for all life has to offer!

Release: Decompressing your neck, low back, and the joints of your spine, hands, and feet is essential to maintaining a pain-free, active lifestyle! Release the joint compression that contributes to chronic pain, inflammation, and discomfort with these powerful techniques.

MELT Method philosophy: Helping people live better by feeling better. MELT is a pro-active self-treatment technique that has been shown to help people eliminate chronic pain and help the body’s natural balancing regulators to stay efficient so you feel good!
MELT creates a strong, flexible body that maintains its upright posture for life. And you will see and feel results after just one session!

MELT improves:
•flexibility & mobility
•the results of exercise
•range of motion
•sleep & digestion
•overall well-being

MELT reduces:
•aches & pains
•wrinkles & cellulite
•risk of injury

2010 - present

2010 - present

What Is It...

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