Corrie Anderson, LMT, HHP

Nourish the Body | Enrich the Mind | Uplift the Soul​

I believe in moving with intuition rather than tradition.

I come from a diverse background of movement modalities with a goal of incorporating several styles of movement and therapies for the perfect prescription for each individual. I train under the law that everyBODY is different and requires different styles of movement and Physio Therapies to get the most out of their program to have a happy, healthy and pain free life.

Each individuals personalized plan is different based on their goals and objectives.

I am passionate and skilled in postural assessment and improving the quality of ones life through manual therapy, treating common postural disorders using various modalities.

Covid Practices & Procedures

As stay-at-home orders are modified, it is essential that all possible steps be taken to ensure the safety of our clients and ourselves. Here is what is being done in the office to help with that.  

  • Detailed risk assessment before appointment times and implementation of site-specific protection plan in accordance with CDC guidelines and World Health Organization recommendations. You will be emailed a questionnaire that must be completed before your appointment. 

  • If you are immune compromised, have a fever, sore throat, sinus, respiratory issues or diarrhea, if you have been around anyone who is ill, or if you simply do not feel comfortable with your immune resistance, please cancel your appointment or contact for other options such as zoom sessions. 

  • I have tested negative for COVID19, in accordance with local statutes will wear a mask and single use gloves. I will have appropriate processes in place to identify new cases of illness and, when they are identified, will intervene quickly and work with public health authorities to halt the spread of the virus.

  Upon entering:

  • Keep physical distancing to the maximum extent possible: please stay in your car until your appointment time. I will text you when it’s safe to enter the premises.

  • Please wash hands following recommended (posted) hand washing guidelines upon entry.

  • Use Personal Protective face coverings. I have masks for purchase if you do not have a mask.

  • All appointments will need to be made by calling or texting me, online appointments will not be activated at this time. 

  Disinfecting guidelines:

  • There will be appropriate training on these and other elements of the COVID-19 prevention plan available to everyone entering the office.

  • All appointments will be staggered. Schedules will be adjusted so that we can sanitize and disinfect properly.

  • Disinfecting protocols will be administered in between appointments as well as before and after services. These to include: all treatment rooms, checkout areas, surfaces, floors, lavatory facilities, and laundry.

  • All payments will be done electronically with card on file or via payment service such as Venmo or PayPal.

  • The retail area will be a “no touch” zone. Please ask for assistance in purchasing products. Additionally, all products are available for curbside pick-up.


  The following links provide useful information regarding COVID 19: